Friday, November 04, 2005


Here is a list of mom's current favorite Podcasts. She is really into listening to them and when she's at work programming, she always has her headphones on listening to something or other. I'm not sure what podcasts are but anyway here you go:

  • The ColdFusion podcast, all about Macromedia's ColdFusion, this one is very cool

  • Flash Design Dev Podcast, not really about CF but I'm hoping they talk about Flash forms someday.

  • WebDevDesign Podcast, Covers Macromedia products, 'cause they are the best you know.

  • TWiT, bunch of IT guys talking, a little too much testorone sometimes, but there are good tidbits most episodes. I do wish they would take turns talking though.

  • Pod Quiz, a crazy English guy with his very hard quiz. My high score so far: 12/20

  • K9 Cast., but sometimes her advice is a little crazy so use a couple of grains of salt with this one

I'm back!

I am feeling much better. My cough is almost gone, and I am back into my nightly training session with mom. That's really good, because I was starting to wonder if that part of my life was all over with.

We worked on heel position (yay!), formal obedience come (yay!), long sit and down stays (yay!), left and right (yay!), 2-on 2-off (yay, the board is back in the hallway for the winter), go to my tunnel (double yay!), and fetch (notso yay). Mom is just not making sense with that dumbbell thing. She says she will reconsider her criteria and we'll try again tonight. yay!