Thursday, May 14, 2009

Class notes for Wednesday May 13

Notes from Ki's beginning puppy class with Kathie Leggett:

  1. Continue to work on folding down, signal only.

  2. Continue to work on fast sit, signal only.

  3. Continue to work on position while walking, increasing distance and distraction level.

  4. Start hand touch training. Be sure to keep hand flat with fingers closed (or open just be consistent). No word association yet. This will also provide practice with clicker accuracy. (and I need that, Ki's timing is so different from the retrievers. He is slower to act but faster to finish.) Ki is trying to paw the hand so be sure not to reward that.

  5. Kathie passed out a grid with Susan Garrett's crate games progression, so work on that.

Notes to self:

  • My sole pen didn't work so be sure to get a box of pens for the bag

  • Put a bunch of clickers in the bag too, it's ridiculous to have so many clickers but have to search the car to find ONE

  • Get that training book into the bag too next time

  • I think one thing was covered that I don't have here but since my freakin pen didn't work I didn't take notes, my bad

Friday, May 08, 2009

If you have pets, don't die.

Wow, the comments on this article are pretty cold. It seems an elderly woman who had 15 cats died and left the cats and some cash to a local rescue organization. Commenters seem to believe that (1) elderly people, or anyone who has the gall to die, should not have pets, (2) that $7500, which is probably all this woman had, isn't nearly enough money, even though this rescue organization takes in cats for no money all the time, and (3) you shouldn't have more than, say, 1 or 2 cats.

I want all the commenters who are griping about this to disclose the number of pets they have, along with the details of the trust they surely have set up for their animals' care.

Okay enough from me! Two grouchy blog posts in ONE DAY. Glad it is Friday!

Sofa >>> Dog.

Check out this LAME Craigslist ad. The sofa and the mirror both seem to be of greater value than their ten-year old dog. Oh, but she's a great dog. Want her?