Sunday, February 12, 2006

It must be spring! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

Jewel does agility too

Last night was Jewel's agility lesson. She worked on the bobble board a lot. She's not as worried about it as she used to be. She also did this drill where mom stands at the side of the jump and Jewel just has to go through the standards. If she does she gets a click. Pretty simple, and she figured it out fast so she got lots of treats. Nice.

She also did a round-the-clock drill with the jump where mom tells her to stay, then calls her through. She is good at that one.

Jewel also did a very nice down-stay while the equipment was being set up.

Mom and Jewel meant to try out the stairs (we don't have any at our house) but they forgot.

I waited in the car and afterwards we went to Petco and mom bought me a Valentine's Day collar. It is so sissy lookin' I am glad I can't see myself.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Don't really love dogs

Last night we watched a movie together. It was called "Must Love Dogs". Which is dumb because it wasn't really about dogs. Not like the Puppy Bowl or something good like that. We did like the end where the dog gets to jump into the water. Jewel and I went right up to the screen to see that. Why don't they invent a "Smell-o-vision", that would have made it much better, I think.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesdays are for agility

Last night was our agility group class. My friend the Vizla and my friend the All-American were not there. So there was only me and my friend the Border Collie and my friend the Border Terrier. I am Border-line so we were all Border in some way, ha ha ha.

I did the teeter totter very well, on the 3 setting. Mom was able to send me, call me, and run past me but not fast. We did round-the-clock up until about 2pm when I started to jump up onto the middle a little. We also did a jump before the teeter and that was no prob.

I also did a drill with two jumps side by side. I have to jump over one, and then come back over the other one. Mom holds her arm out to help me stay out. I don't like being too far away. The jumps got moved to 3 ft apart and I was still able to do it. This is going to teach me the 270 to a second jump that is so popular in agility courses these days.

Then we did drills with the weave poles, including some round-the-clock with that. Jumps before and after the poles too. I also did that Monday night, so I am getting better at that.

I must mention I have a hard time seeing my Alley-Oop in the dark. It's yellow, err Gray rather, and I just don't see it well. Mom says she will try to make it white for me. I think I would like that.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The stages of dog people

I guess Indy's mom had an unpleasant experience at a dog event, so I asked my mom to post her (crackpot if you ask me) theory of the stages of a dog person's life:

Stage 1: You are new to dogs and think everyone knows more than you, so you listen to everyone, even the kooks.

Stage 2: You've bred your first litter, finished your first title, gotten involved in rescue, and you know a little. You start giving unsolicited advice to everyone, esp. the poor Stage Ones.

Stage 3: You have too many dogs. You don't have time to train them all, let alone get titles on them. The expenses are mounting. You've been in dogs longer than pretty much everyone else you know, except that mysterious Stage 4 person you know. You've given up giving unsolicited advice, mostly because it's futile. You have a gaggle of Stage 1 & 2's following you around at dog shows, which is nice because they always bring you food and help you carry your stuff. You teach classes, do private consultations, run a rescue or therapy group, or a dog club.

Stage 4: You've finally realized that you can't help the rest of them. They won't listen, so why waste your breath. You concentrate on your own dogs, and finally have time to really put on some titles. You are less involved in the club thing, mostly because you can't stand another meeting. You've heard all the controversies before and it's just so tedious. You don't give advice or opinions to anyone, even when asked. You suddenly realize you have become the mysterious stage 4....