Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot Dog

We had agility tonight, even though it was about a bizillion degrees F. Mom is in an air-conditioned office all day, so she thinks it is okay to go out and fry like that.

I had fun though. I went on the FULL HEIGHT teeter. I am so cool.

I also worked on the dog walk, which is still at baby level. The big dog one is a bit rotted and the humans are worried my big bulk will bust it. I bet I would because I am HUGE. And scary, and tough.

We did the weaves also, and mom said I did them very nicely. I have a bit of trouble with my hind end falling behind, but I am working it out.

BTW the Nintendog is still here, and now it is barking sometimes when it wants a treat. Hmmmfff.

Oh I almost forgot -- I came this close to catching the evil squirrel today.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nintendogs (!?!)

I saw this today, what a nasty shock this is:

I sure hope I do not get replaced by this thing.

Agility report

I have a couple of things to report. The first is that a couple of weeks ago we all went in the car to an agility trial! I was entered in "Novice Tunnelers" class. It was so cool! I can't quite do the weave poles or all the contacts yet (although I am very smart and very close to being able to). So mom entered me in this class where it is ALL TUNNELS ALL THE TIME. The people set up 15 tunnels for me (and some other dogs), and I did the course perfectly three times! So I got an agility title from NADAC which is "TN-N". That stands for "Tunnelers - Novice". It was an all-time best weekend, I had a great time and I LOVE tunnels!

Anyway, last night we had agility class. I did the A-frame, which is at a low level and is no prob. Then we did the teeter -- I am now back to hole 6 of 7, so we are almost at full height. I had a little accident a few months ago: I fell off the dog walk and hurt myself in a kinda personal area. So mom took me back down to the beginning levels until I got my confidence back. It's all good now though.

We also did a jumping drill which was totally easy for me, just a couple of rear crosses, and some front crosses. I can do both, 'cause I like to watch my mom. I don't like to get very far away though. I am not a Border Collie you know. ;)

We also worked on the dreaded dog walk. I am doing pretty good on that, although we are still using the baby dog walk (it is lower than the full-size one).

Last, we did the weave poles. They are now in a channel the width of my mom's hand. I had a little trouble popping out, but if mom stayed really close so I didn't have to look for her, I was able to do it. I just need a little more practice. Mom says she will set up our weaves tonight and we will practice.

Oh, our landscaping is done! I will take a photo tonight and post it. I like the grass and the fountain very much. Mom says I cannot get in the fountain, but I'm not sure why.

After I was done with my agility, Jewel got to do some restrained recalls, and did some balance stuff. They set up a dog walk plank on two pause tables, and she got up there and walked back and forth. She also did some nice turns on the plank, and sat perpendicular to the walk. Mom and our teacher were both amazed that Jewel could do that, it was pretty agile for a Lab. We Labbies can do anything, don't they know that yet?