Monday, December 29, 2008

My name is Ki

My name is Ki
It rhymes with sky
Mom baked a pie
For Splash and I



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OMD! That is totally awesome! DUDE!

Splash's play bow

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....combined with "I can put your whole head in my mouth".

My mouth is bigger than your mouth.

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DUDE! Totally.

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Splash and little Ki at play.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Ki learned, day 2

Ki went for a little trip to Placerville today. He learned to get his toenails trimmed without fussing (too much).

He also showed everyone in Placerville how smart he is by promptly sitting when cued and also laying down but not quite as promptly.

He met people of varying ages up in the foothills and liked them all.

He has successfully learned not to chew on people but not so much the furniture part.

He learned that if you are put into the wire crate and you do not fuss, you can get let out again and play.

He learned that he really likes the doggie hammock in the kitchen, and he is gradually finding all toys in the house and bringing them there, perhaps to build a doggie fort.

He learned that if you run around like a puppy idiot in front of big dogs, they don't like it and will tell you so. Corollary: he learned that the big dogs can't really get you if you dive under the coffee table.

He learned that the vacuum cleaner, the broom, and the hair dryer are no big deal, 'cause Splash is not afraid of them, therefore they are okay.

He did not really learn yet that is it not okay to try to hump other dogs and people. He has not really learned yet that you should not try to take Jewel's favorite toy away from her to add to your doggie fort. He has not really learned yet to offer a behavior for a click.

Most importantly, he has not really learned yet that if you try to run with the big dogs, you might be out of your league.

But, tomorrow is another day.....

Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get some decent video, kept missing the good bits today. More photos too!

Ki, sacked out

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I learned sit today, and it's worn me out. I like old Mikey's place though. I brought all the toys up here and I'm assembling my Place of Power.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What Ki learned today (not enough)

Here's what Ki learned and did today:

He learned his way around the house, though he got loast in the living room at one point.

He learned that Jewel does not appreciate being herded and he had better knock that off if he knows what is good for him.

He learned to sit for a visual cue (forefinger only)

He learned that jumping up on the chair mom is sitting on will not get him attention, but that sitting politely always works well.

He learned that if you stand by the Big Glass Door, you will be let out to do your biz.

He learned that biting never gets you what you were hoping for. In fact, it ends whatever fun thing was happening, almost immediately.

He learned that you do not even think about humping mom's leg. (OR MINE)

He learned that he does not really like being locked in the laundry room while mom is away.

I learned that I can pretty much control Ki with one of my big strong paws. Which is nice.

I learned that if Ki does something good that gets him a treat, I get one do and so does Jewel. So maybe he is not entirely useless.

Over and out for now.....


Ki is....small

My new bro, Ki, came home last night. The day started out pretty good, we slept late, I helped Mom finish breakfast, then I barked at the window for a while. Then we got ready and got in the car. I always like that. We went to a cool house with a big yard and I played frisbee and so did my buddy Sage. Jewel found a mud puddle and wallowed in it, so I am pretty sure she had a good time too.

Then mom put a teensy crate in the car, and there was a puppy in it.

I have to say, he's almost as smart as I am. He already knows his name, and unlike me at his age, he comes when called. He did not jump in the water bowl, though, like I did!

He likes the tennis ball, and the dumb toy with the string that I cannot be bothered with. So no worries there.

Ki even ran to the door a few minutes ago because he needed to go out. Well, duh, but mom was pretty proud of him.

That's about all I have to say so far. Jewel thinks he is okay as long as he stays away. When Jewel got growly, I did too, so mom is making us puppy-sit one at a time until we get used to each other.

I'm having trouble posting photos to flickr right now, but I'll get some up later today.

Over and out.....Splash

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mini-rant for a sunny afternoon

This is a guest post from my mom:

Positive training methods work.

Oh, you knew that already did you? Then why is it, every time I post a comment on your blog, you respond with a snippy comment of your own? Perhaps you do not actually understand P+ training. I recommend you go back and reread (or perhaps it is read for the first time?) "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor.

It works on people too.

Oh, and so sorry, but I've removed your mean-toned dog training blog from my reading list. I don't need that much R- in my life.

I met my new bro!

He has potential
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His name is "Ki", and he's so small, but I still think he has some potential. I tried play-bows and my patented wave. Ki backed up a little but he didn't run away. Mom said he might, 'cause he is not a Lab and therefore nowhere near as smart, strong, and brave as me. And probably not as handsome. But there is definitely some potential there.

Ki comes home on January 4. We can't wait!

Monday, December 01, 2008

My apologies!

To anyone who left a comment anytime in the last 6 months or so, I have to say I'm really sorry. The comment notification was going to an old email address, and I wasn't getting them. Also, I was busier than usual and have been ignoring the blog! So, I didn't notice there were any comments at all! It's not like this blog is very interesting to read, after all, so no visits or comments is pretty much to be expected.

If you did leave a comment and I did not respond, I am so sorry. I will try to do better in the future!