Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Ki learned, day 2

Ki went for a little trip to Placerville today. He learned to get his toenails trimmed without fussing (too much).

He also showed everyone in Placerville how smart he is by promptly sitting when cued and also laying down but not quite as promptly.

He met people of varying ages up in the foothills and liked them all.

He has successfully learned not to chew on people but not so much the furniture part.

He learned that if you are put into the wire crate and you do not fuss, you can get let out again and play.

He learned that he really likes the doggie hammock in the kitchen, and he is gradually finding all toys in the house and bringing them there, perhaps to build a doggie fort.

He learned that if you run around like a puppy idiot in front of big dogs, they don't like it and will tell you so. Corollary: he learned that the big dogs can't really get you if you dive under the coffee table.

He learned that the vacuum cleaner, the broom, and the hair dryer are no big deal, 'cause Splash is not afraid of them, therefore they are okay.

He did not really learn yet that is it not okay to try to hump other dogs and people. He has not really learned yet that you should not try to take Jewel's favorite toy away from her to add to your doggie fort. He has not really learned yet to offer a behavior for a click.

Most importantly, he has not really learned yet that if you try to run with the big dogs, you might be out of your league.

But, tomorrow is another day.....

Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get some decent video, kept missing the good bits today. More photos too!


Barb said...

Sounds like it was an excellent day!!

Mason Dixie said...

that's a lot to learn in one day. must be pretty worn out.