Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car wash goes to dogs

A car wash place in Des Moines has added a dog washing station. I wonder if the water is warm and the towels soft like at our house? Mom washes me in the tub. I love my baths. I love everything about them. The wetting down part is nice, the soapy rub-my-back part is amazing, and the rinsing just adds to the anticipation of the finale: towel rubbing!

There is nothing I do not like about a bath.

Read more about the car/dog wash!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andy the Lhasa Apso

Andy the Lhasa has an AMEX but not a Verizon Wireless account. But Verizon's debt collection service sent Andy the Lhasa in California the unpaid bill that should have gone to another Andy somewhere on the East Coast.

I think Andy looks like a pretty cool dog!

Andy Finelli's story

We got licked!

Hey check out the post today on Licked Toys! That's us! And our most beloved-of-all-toys, the Big Dogs Frisbee.

We heart that frisbee.

We had a horrible incident a few weeks ago when it flew into the neighbor's yard. They weren't home, so we couldn't get it back. I was completely confused and a little depressed. But the next day, the frisbee came home! Mom says the neighbor tossed it back, but I think it missed me and found its own way home.