Thursday, July 17, 2008

Car wash goes to dogs

A car wash place in Des Moines has added a dog washing station. I wonder if the water is warm and the towels soft like at our house? Mom washes me in the tub. I love my baths. I love everything about them. The wetting down part is nice, the soapy rub-my-back part is amazing, and the rinsing just adds to the anticipation of the finale: towel rubbing!

There is nothing I do not like about a bath.

Read more about the car/dog wash!


Sophie Brador said...

Splash, You totally live up to your name. I hate baths. I love swimming, but baths are for the dogs. Well, for you at least. Mom washes me in the tub too. She never quite understood the dog wash places. As far as she's concerned, no tub is too chic-chic for me, although I might be too chic-chic for the tub.



Woof, Splash

You forgot to mention the really best part and that is making a big mess, splashing water all over Mom and running through the house dripping water all over the place.

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