Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The problem with blogs

is that it entitles everyone to publish their opinion, even when they are not grown up enough to handle dissent.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday January 5, training Ki-Ki

Tonight it was really cold outside. Splash and I went for a run. He wore his cool new light up coat. A bunch of folks stopped their cars to take a look. Funny! And visible! This was day 1 of Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. We both did well. I am actually a bit amazed.

Therefore, since I was cold and sweaty, I was unwilling to take Ki outside for practice. And, there's plenty to do inside. We worked on going around the cone. He's got it, at least here where there are no distractions. It got boring pretty fast, so I worked back to about 6 feet away, sending him around the cone. And AGAIN, in the "away to me" direction, one time he went way out around the coffee table! Totally surprised me and also Ki -- he stopped dead and looked around, like "dude, how did I end up over here?"

We worked on stays a bit, lining up on the right (he is much better about it here at home), and that's it for tonight. We are too tired to do more. Well, I am.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ki's training for 1/4

Okay. I need to start logging what I've been doing with not-so-little-anymore Ki-Ki. So here goes.

Tonight we went to the agility practice facility. Before we went though, we had a bit of a drama. It turns out (this is my theory mind you but I'm pretty confident in it) that Ki has been growling at Splash when Splash gets in the car. Ki is always very eager to go and jumps in the car first. Their crates are side by side in the back of the van. So Ki's been warning Splash not to join in the fun,and since Splash is the opposite of confrontational, Splash decided he would NOT get in the car. At all. Forever.

The plan: take out one of the seats from the middle row and put the spare Kennel-Aire there. Cover it with a blanket so Splash and Ki won't see each other. Splash stays in his crate, Jewel gets her back-of-the-bus crate back, and Ki gets the smaller crate in the middle of the car where I can keep an eye on him. Feed Splash all dinners in the crate for one week, then add Jewel in her crate for dinnertime. Third week, we add Ki.

The training time itself was pretty uneventful. We worked on 180s with two jumps. When working the "come-by" direction, all is well, and he takes the return jump. In the away-to-me direction though, which is very strongly Ki's preference, he is waaaaay out on an outrun around the jump. I tried almost no shoulder turn but still got that. I need some shoulder turn right now or he looks for a jump going forward. Basically, I've gone from a manual transmission (Splash) to power steering, and it's going to take me some adjustments.

The pinwheel work is fine, he's doing two of the jumps without any problem.

We did phase 1 of Nancy Gyes' alphabet "t" drill also and he's looking at me like "is that IT?". I want to read up more on that one before I go further.

We also worked on line up drills. Need to work so much more on the right. He gets so freakin' excited, he won't line up.

Also worked on the dog walk, it was at the middle level. He fell off one time, which was good, he wasn't paying much attention up until then. He's a big dog, he won't be as fast over it as his sister, but he'll make up for it in the air and over the ground.

After Splash's dinner adventure in the garage, I'll play cone drills with him. Yay, I got two cones last weekend finally!