Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About lifelong learning

So, I have been asking around.

The annual conference for American Pet Dog Trainers is this weekend. (http://www.apdt.com). It's as close to home as it will get, about 45 miles one way.

From my local breed club, there's about 20 rabidly anxious folks going. We are so excited we have talked about little else since July.

From my local agility club, there's one person signed up as far as I know. Me.

Next time some agility person says something mean about "dog breeders" and how they only care for profit, points, and champions, I will remind them that I didn't see THEM at the conference. I will remind them that they would rather trial their dog every weekend than go and improve their clicker skilz training a chicken with Terri Ryan. That they were uninterested in hearing Sue Sternberg talk about rehabilitating shelter dogs using agility as a confidence builder. That they don't care to hear Turid Rugaas speak on becoming fluent in "dog". That unlike me, they are not beyond excited to get Bob Bailey to autograph that book, and Jean Donaldson of course, and Rugaas.....geez how many books can I carry?

I feel embarrassed and let down by the agility world right now. But, I am filled with pride for the show dog world.