Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday at the fair

Today we went for a ride up the hill. I could tell we were going to training class, except we must have got lost because we ended up at the fairgrounds. There were lots of dogs there and people too. Some of the people were selling toys and food, which is always nice.

I got to do a Rally course with mom. She was pretty happy with me, and we got a third place ribbon. There were so many dogs doing Rally that we had to wait a very long time for our turn.

Then I got a treat and a new toy. Then we went home and ate, which was nice.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Last night we didn't do any training at all. When mom got home, she heard the whining sound that was coming from the bathroom. She thought it was an electrical short. She turned off each circuit breaker in turn, to try to figure out which circuit it was, and if it actually was electrical.

It wasn't.

So she went outside again (leaving me behind all this time although I am certain I would have been of great assistance) and turned off the water to the house. So now, no water pressure, and the whine continues. So it wasn't a pipe.

Now, I have great hearing, and if mom had just asked me, I would have told her what it was. So obvious.

But instead of asking me, mom called friends and asked them what they thought it was. They didn't know.

This morning I decided to help out, even though I still haven't been asked....or thanked come to think of it. It was my little toy that used to talk to me all the time before I threw it in the toilet. It stopped talking after mom pulled it out of the toilet, and it then it started whining. It's been whining a while, but mom didn't hear it until just now.

So this morning I took pity on her because she was so worried about the noise. I picked up the toy and handed it to her with a very satisfied look on my face. I'm so helpful!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Now MONDAY is agility day!

Yay! Last night we got to go to agility. We usually go on Thursdays, but this week we went early because there's going to be a big storm on Thursday.

I knew when we turned onto the last street where we were going and I starting whining. Couldn't help it, I'm just a puppy still.

We had two 90 degree hurdles to work with. We did some threadles, figure 8's, and stuff. I didn't have too much trouble with any of it. Mom was pleased. Then we went home and ate!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

People running from the cops....

Today we got up very early and took a walk through the neighborhood. We don't usually do that. I'm fine with getting up early, but mom prefers to sleep in. I'm fine with that too, actually.

Anyway, we stopped at the big streeet. People were there. Dogs were there too. Everybody was standing around waiting.

Then the cops came. There was lots of them! I love cops. They were on motorcycles, in cars, in pickups, everything. It was great. Then some more guys on bicycles came. They were great too.

Then it got even better. A bunch of people came, and they were all running. Some were running fast, and others a little slower. Mom told me it was the California International Marathon, but what you know. I liked seeing all the people.

But we got cold, so then we went home and had breakfast.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Well, I was concerned.....

Tonight my mom was about an hour late coming home from work. I was worried what might have happened. You know how it is, a guy worries when the family is late. So I chewed up her book. It's just a paperback anyhow, and between you an me, I think reading is boring.

Mom was unhappy though, because she was still reading it. I just chewed off the cover, and the last couple of pages. What's the big deal?

We worked some more on go outs and me returning the TO my mom when we play. I'd really rather she come get it from me, that's a way better game.