Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Last night we didn't do any training at all. When mom got home, she heard the whining sound that was coming from the bathroom. She thought it was an electrical short. She turned off each circuit breaker in turn, to try to figure out which circuit it was, and if it actually was electrical.

It wasn't.

So she went outside again (leaving me behind all this time although I am certain I would have been of great assistance) and turned off the water to the house. So now, no water pressure, and the whine continues. So it wasn't a pipe.

Now, I have great hearing, and if mom had just asked me, I would have told her what it was. So obvious.

But instead of asking me, mom called friends and asked them what they thought it was. They didn't know.

This morning I decided to help out, even though I still haven't been asked....or thanked come to think of it. It was my little toy that used to talk to me all the time before I threw it in the toilet. It stopped talking after mom pulled it out of the toilet, and it then it started whining. It's been whining a while, but mom didn't hear it until just now.

So this morning I took pity on her because she was so worried about the noise. I picked up the toy and handed it to her with a very satisfied look on my face. I'm so helpful!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Splash, you are really helpful. Sometimes we have to help humans by pointing out the obvious. Problem is, is they think WE belong to THEM. Yeah, right, tell me something else. (insert precious pup snicker here)

Your weblog smells very good. I can't wait until they perfect bark-to-type, my paws are getting sore from trying to hit the right keydsafdsfdasgg - oh I give up


vicky said...

Hey Splash, Lucy wants to know how you did with the big storm. She has had some experience now in the Midwest, so she thinks she could give you older girl Labrador advice!