Sunday, December 05, 2004

People running from the cops....

Today we got up very early and took a walk through the neighborhood. We don't usually do that. I'm fine with getting up early, but mom prefers to sleep in. I'm fine with that too, actually.

Anyway, we stopped at the big streeet. People were there. Dogs were there too. Everybody was standing around waiting.

Then the cops came. There was lots of them! I love cops. They were on motorcycles, in cars, in pickups, everything. It was great. Then some more guys on bicycles came. They were great too.

Then it got even better. A bunch of people came, and they were all running. Some were running fast, and others a little slower. Mom told me it was the California International Marathon, but what you know. I liked seeing all the people.

But we got cold, so then we went home and had breakfast.

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