Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mom's post: Wk 1 of 5K plan

Today was my first day running outside in a while. It's allergy season here and those insidious and evil white blooming trees are everywhere. I think they should all be cut down and replaced with nice Douglas firs, but whatever.

So, I was very nervous about my outside (non-treadmill) run. I planned out a nice loop through the neighborhood that is 3.43 miles door-to-door. I didn't take Splash since it's Sunday, it's nice out, and there will lots of stupid people doing yard work with their "he-always-comes-when-I-call-he's-never-done-that-before" dogs and I didn't want Splashy to have a bad day.

I wore my new running shirt that is one of those special wicky-ones, it's actually better than a t-shirt, I have to admit it. I listened to Podrunner. I overdressed and didn't need my sweatshirt. I found a nickel.

I wasn't able to run the whole thing, the wind and the fresh air did bother me a bit so I ended up walking maybe 1/4 of it, spread throughout. It was my lungs though that stopped me, my legs could have kept going. And maybe some self-doubt also slowed me down.

Time for 3.43 miles: about 40 minutes, which is a 5.2 mph pace.

I plan to spend through the summer getting faster, but I have not set a pace goal yet.

Goal for next few months: run this loop at least once a week. Try to bring Splash or Ki or both with, conditions permitting.

Do a shorter run once a night with both Splash and Ki so that Ki will have a reason to "join up" with Splash, as their relationship can be tense at times. All Ki's fault, really, he is a lotta dog.