Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday January 5, training Ki-Ki

Tonight it was really cold outside. Splash and I went for a run. He wore his cool new light up coat. A bunch of folks stopped their cars to take a look. Funny! And visible! This was day 1 of Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program. We both did well. I am actually a bit amazed.

Therefore, since I was cold and sweaty, I was unwilling to take Ki outside for practice. And, there's plenty to do inside. We worked on going around the cone. He's got it, at least here where there are no distractions. It got boring pretty fast, so I worked back to about 6 feet away, sending him around the cone. And AGAIN, in the "away to me" direction, one time he went way out around the coffee table! Totally surprised me and also Ki -- he stopped dead and looked around, like "dude, how did I end up over here?"

We worked on stays a bit, lining up on the right (he is much better about it here at home), and that's it for tonight. We are too tired to do more. Well, I am.

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