Monday, December 22, 2008

I met my new bro!

He has potential
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His name is "Ki", and he's so small, but I still think he has some potential. I tried play-bows and my patented wave. Ki backed up a little but he didn't run away. Mom said he might, 'cause he is not a Lab and therefore nowhere near as smart, strong, and brave as me. And probably not as handsome. But there is definitely some potential there.

Ki comes home on January 4. We can't wait!


Randi said...

Awww Splash!

Your gonna get a little brother!

What kind of pup is he?

Can't wait to follow your adventures with him!

Happy Holidays!

love & licks,

Splash said...

Ki is a Border Collie. Mom wants an agility dog really bad, and I don't like the dog walk. Too high, it makes me dizzy and I jump off, but not before scaring everyone really good.

Mom is getting out all my puppy training stuff, lining it up, writing lists, cleaning under everything, picking up everything.

I will still be the most special boy dog though. I am sure of it.