Friday, December 26, 2008

What Ki learned today (not enough)

Here's what Ki learned and did today:

He learned his way around the house, though he got loast in the living room at one point.

He learned that Jewel does not appreciate being herded and he had better knock that off if he knows what is good for him.

He learned to sit for a visual cue (forefinger only)

He learned that jumping up on the chair mom is sitting on will not get him attention, but that sitting politely always works well.

He learned that if you stand by the Big Glass Door, you will be let out to do your biz.

He learned that biting never gets you what you were hoping for. In fact, it ends whatever fun thing was happening, almost immediately.

He learned that you do not even think about humping mom's leg. (OR MINE)

He learned that he does not really like being locked in the laundry room while mom is away.

I learned that I can pretty much control Ki with one of my big strong paws. Which is nice.

I learned that if Ki does something good that gets him a treat, I get one do and so does Jewel. So maybe he is not entirely useless.

Over and out for now.....



Sophie Brador said...

Splash, I'm sure you are the best mentor a wee pup could ever want. We need some more pictures of the little guy.


Barry said...

Great to meet you Splash. You're one very observant dog!