Friday, December 26, 2008

Ki is....small

My new bro, Ki, came home last night. The day started out pretty good, we slept late, I helped Mom finish breakfast, then I barked at the window for a while. Then we got ready and got in the car. I always like that. We went to a cool house with a big yard and I played frisbee and so did my buddy Sage. Jewel found a mud puddle and wallowed in it, so I am pretty sure she had a good time too.

Then mom put a teensy crate in the car, and there was a puppy in it.

I have to say, he's almost as smart as I am. He already knows his name, and unlike me at his age, he comes when called. He did not jump in the water bowl, though, like I did!

He likes the tennis ball, and the dumb toy with the string that I cannot be bothered with. So no worries there.

Ki even ran to the door a few minutes ago because he needed to go out. Well, duh, but mom was pretty proud of him.

That's about all I have to say so far. Jewel thinks he is okay as long as he stays away. When Jewel got growly, I did too, so mom is making us puppy-sit one at a time until we get used to each other.

I'm having trouble posting photos to flickr right now, but I'll get some up later today.

Over and out.....Splash

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Johann The Dog said...

So glad you got a new sibling! We can't wait to see pics :)