Friday, February 10, 2006

Jewel does agility too

Last night was Jewel's agility lesson. She worked on the bobble board a lot. She's not as worried about it as she used to be. She also did this drill where mom stands at the side of the jump and Jewel just has to go through the standards. If she does she gets a click. Pretty simple, and she figured it out fast so she got lots of treats. Nice.

She also did a round-the-clock drill with the jump where mom tells her to stay, then calls her through. She is good at that one.

Jewel also did a very nice down-stay while the equipment was being set up.

Mom and Jewel meant to try out the stairs (we don't have any at our house) but they forgot.

I waited in the car and afterwards we went to Petco and mom bought me a Valentine's Day collar. It is so sissy lookin' I am glad I can't see myself.


IndyPindy said...

Sorry about the Valentine's Day collar Splash. I hate things like that. Once my mom got me a bandanna and a cowboy hat for Halloween and took my picture wearing them. The next day I shredded the cowboy hat.

Ivy said...

hey hey splash. agility drills sounds like way fun. my peepol hide things around my house and i find them and i am so good at it now cuz i know all the hidin' spots. i also like to chase the fast red dot. i wish i cud do agility drills.