Friday, May 08, 2009

If you have pets, don't die.

Wow, the comments on this article are pretty cold. It seems an elderly woman who had 15 cats died and left the cats and some cash to a local rescue organization. Commenters seem to believe that (1) elderly people, or anyone who has the gall to die, should not have pets, (2) that $7500, which is probably all this woman had, isn't nearly enough money, even though this rescue organization takes in cats for no money all the time, and (3) you shouldn't have more than, say, 1 or 2 cats.

I want all the commenters who are griping about this to disclose the number of pets they have, along with the details of the trust they surely have set up for their animals' care.

Okay enough from me! Two grouchy blog posts in ONE DAY. Glad it is Friday!


Jan Mader said...

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good points. I hate that and I hear it all the time - if you're old, you shouldn't get a pet. So what, you're old, your family doesn't come visit because you make them feel depressed (like you do THAT on purpose?!) and you're lonely ... but don't get a pet because you might die and leave it in someone else's care!

Good grief. Get a grip people. Sure, 15 cats is a lot and maybe they could have been in better condition, but probably in the last month or two of her life, she wasn't able to brush them daily as she used to? I have a long haired monster cat and he gets matted literally 6 hours after leaving the grooming salon (yeah I know, he goes to the Kitty Spa ... he's spoiled). My point is that sometimes it doesn't take long for cats to matte up. It depends on their fur type.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

PS - great entry

Sophie Brador said...

My auntie is helping an elderly woman right now who has 15 cats and a dog and a neighbour who is out to get her. Some people can be such jerks.