Thursday, June 23, 2005

Agility report

Monday night at agility was great.

We did a mini jumpers course. There were 12 hurdles in all. I mostly did them right. Mom confused me a little at one point, but I covered for her error. There were some rear crosses, front crosses, and some layering, where I take a jump but there is another jump between me and mom. I do not like the layering thing. I have an invisible leash on my mom and it only extends so far. Anyway she has the treats so why would I go out that far?

Treat report: we had HOT DOGS. My oh my! This is not your usual diet kibble.


Freda said...

Hey Splash,

Just read about Mikey. Sorry to read he is not in the best of health. Hope he is feeling comfortable. Must be tough.

Congrats on your trials. I just like to watch other dogs do that stuff. My agility training comes from chasing voles.

I'm on seniors' diet. Can you believe that? It still tastes good but it is much better when I get healthy 'goodies' on top.

Yeah, my tail talks too. Mom is the first to notice and has to leave the room. Gets kinda of lonely at times.

Keep up the good work Toast, sorry, Splash. Wish I had a neat name. Just have street names, I guess.

Take care of Mikey.



Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hot dogs! Well now I'm on a strict diet of venison and potatos. I just start scratching a little one day and my humans freak out and cut off all treats! (sigh)

Keep reporting about the treats, I will be living vicariously through you this summer as far as food goes . . .