Monday, September 05, 2005

Working Weekend

This has been a lovely weekend.

Mom entered me in an agility trial at the beginning of October. She forgot I have to jump 20 inches (that's because I am sooo very tall and BIG). I've been jumping 16 inches in practice. And, I haven't been through the chute at all!

Since I'm entered in Jumpers class, I'll have to go through tunnels (no prob, love 'em), jump 20 inch jumps, and go through the chute.

Because of all this lack of human planning, I have been chosen, among all the other dog in this house, to go to training class twice a day....this whole weekend. This is just wonderful as far as I am concerned. I wish it was like this every single day.

We have been working on jumping in a big circle of 6 jumps at 20 inches of course. I've also jumped through the tire at 20, and I'm learning all about the chute. I got stuck in the chute at one point but it's all good.

I'm a little tired but I'll manage. :)


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hi Splash, I was just looking back at your training diary history and dog have you come a long way!

What I'm really impressed with is how you trained your human so well to stick to the schedule. Mine get so distracted by things sometimes, it gets very hard for them to remember commands like "feed me now" and "open the door and let me out, don't you see that it's a beautiful day?!" You know the simple commands . . .


Splash said...

Oh gosh yes. Feed me is so important, I make my typist practice that one at least twice a day. I'm still working on "feed me more" though. She is a difficult training subject, and I just can't do that ^&(%^*& clicker with one paw.

The Whippy Curly Tails said... are such an active doggy! We love to see pictures of you. =^..^=

What is your favorite toy? Besides training do you have any doggie hobbies?

8675309 said...

Great blog, Splash! And you are one lucky dog...I can't believe your humans actually want you to jump. I would like to spend more time jumping, but around these parts it's -- how do they say -- "discouraged."

I enjoy my training, even though lots of fun things are "discouraged" by the humans.

Mostly I get back at them by being extremely gassy.

Lomax (Yellow Labs rule!)