Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Last weekend we all packed up the car and went to a flyball tournament. The tournament was held by some of her friends in the Sacramento Flyball Club and was in Lodi. They called the tournament "Stuck in Lodi", and mom's been humming some annoying song ever since!

We didn't get to run, mom went to help out and we got to go and sit in our crates the whole weekend. I did meet some very nice people and we got a BIG cookie so that was pretty nice. Anyway it beats sitting in the dog run all weekend waiting for mom to come home and feed me.

In case you don't know what flyball is, here's the scoop. Humans make up teams of 6 dogs. They pick 4 of the dogs to run a relay race. The race goes over 4 jumps, then the dog has to hit a box and get a ball. Then they have to run back FAST with the ball and then the next dog goes. You can read more here.

All the dogs on the teams are crazed and bark constantly so it is pretty noisy and exciting. If you ever go to a flyball tournament, my advice is bring a chewie and some ear plugs for your human. And maybe some aspirin.

Here's the lanes where the teams run 

Here's the boxes the dogs run to get their tennis ball 


Freda said...

Hey Splash,

Flyball. Cooool! My humans and I have watched it on the magic box before. It looks like fun but with my sore shoulder I think I would just have to watch and cheer the teams along.

Lodi, that's just down the road from us. Did your mom stop at any of the many wineries there? My humans go there a lot for wine drinkin'. It's not as pretentious as Napa/Sonoma, cheaper and the wine makers are friendlier. Check out They have some really old vine zins, if your mom likes zin. Lodi is now THE place for wines in NorCal. Yes, it is good to be stuck in Lodi, again.



HanktheDog said...

Go,Splash,go! Mike and Molly thought about flyball,but I'm a Lab of sand and water (and some joint issues), so I must stick to the H2O.

Splash said...

Hey Freda,

Mom keeps meaning to visit some of those whine-eries but she never seems to have the time. The last time she took me to a whine-ery I got really spooked by a humongously big truck and took off! Unfortunately for mom I was on my leash and she almost broke her leg when I pulled her down the slope. She says that is more excitement than she needs.