Monday, February 04, 2008

Trick and treats


Freda said...

Wows, Jewels!

What a killer vid. I likes the "twhirlin'" action.



K9 Coach said...

Nice. She is getting very good at "bang" and the added twists on her own show how smart she is!

She loves playing this game with you. Fun to watch people have fun with their dogs!

Johann The Dog said...

Pawsome Jewels!!!! Next step is roll over...

And you have form, girl!

Woofs, Johann

L^2 said...

The added spin before dying is too cute! :-)

Splash said...

Thanks everyone.

It's a little embarrassing actually. I'm really a better clicker trainer than the video shows. Really. We were just goofing around with each other, having a good time on a rainy night.

Good thing I never bought furniture for that room, it makes a great indoor training space!

JB's Big World said...

Nice video, and nice twirl!