Thursday, May 01, 2008

Places to buy the Furminator

For those of desperate to look as good as I do, here are a few places you can look to find a Furminator, with links to the item of your dreams:


  • The local Super Target (yours may not be as well stocked)

  • Pet Edge (probably best price at least for USA delivery)

  • Your local Petco or

  • Your local dog groomer or Self-Server Dog Wash -- we have LaunderDog locally and they are willing to order what they don't have that you want. But, they most likely will order from PetEdge, so you may as well too!

  • eBay and Amazon, they have everything, but you knew that.

  • You could even combine it with some free fun, just attend your local AKC Dog Show -- they always have vendors with many ways to take your $$. (PS: just for Sophie: the CKC)


Anonymous said...

FYI...The FURminator is not sold at Target or Wal-Mart or any mass retail chain.

Johann The Dog said...

So, it's really that good huh? We've never tried it...

Hey, thanks for the link on the news about dogs in cars! We're gonna have to share it with everyone!

Woofs, Johann

Freda said...

Hey Splasher!

I loves the Furrymaker. Can't waits for ∆≈ to use it. Then he uses it on me. Arf Arfs!



P.S. Fourth times tryin' to publish this. Weirds!