Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here's the leash I made!

The whole leash
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This is a Christmas present for a friend that does therapy work with her Golden Retriever, Joy. I have been taking leather working classes, and use a series of bleed knots, with a skipped bleed every third, to make the leash. The handle is a also three bleed knots, so there are no true knots or stitching anywhere.

Bleed knots on leash
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Here's a closeup of the bleed knots. It's just one strap, doubled over, and threaded through itself.

Leash handle
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Here's a closeup of the handle and the beaded dangly I made. I wanted Joy to have a custom leash! I don't think the dangly is too long or heavy, so even if it smacks Vicky in the hand, it won't hurt!


Sophie Brador said...

Nice leash. I will have to get mom to post a picture of my new one too. Leather leashes are the best.


Barb said...

I love your blog! I found you when I noticed you were following mine :-) - thanks!

That is a gorgeous lead! Where did you learn to braid leather like that?

And I enjoyed your other posts - in particular your list of how to find a good breeder is right on, IMO.

If people want a short version, I think it boils down to #6 and #8, and of course #19. The questions the breeder asks - or doesn't ask - are the real tip-off as to the breeder's motives. And the breeder's willingness (insistence, actually) in being responsible for that dog for its entire life is the hallmark of an ethical breeder.

Splash said...

Hey Sophie, I would love to see a photo of your leash. I take photos to the "Guild" (geez these leatherworkers are old skool!), and the boys check it out then show me how to duplicate it!

Barb, I love your blog too! I was reading it earlier today. I learned to braid/work leather at the local Tandy Leather store. They have classes and the crazy "Guild" clique. FUN!
I wrote the good breeder post because some of the "marketing" type twitterers have been twittering "great breeders" of whatever, then when I check out the breeders website, ruh-roh as Scooby would say. Some of these folks are rescue people with great hearts, but gosh they wouldn't know a breed dog if it bit them. :)