Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dogs don't wear coats.

Mom wants to either buy me or make me a reflective vest like this one:

Fetchdog Rufflective Vest. I think I would look darn silly. What do you think?


Mason Dixie said...

I think it would make your walks a lot safer especially if you walk near a street. I always walk in a park, but I would wear one. =)

Splash said...

Mom won't walk me in the park anymore. There are kind of mean loose dogs there always, and she worries about me. I've started getting mom up early and we walk about 2 miles, but it's dark. We have the cool FetchDog strobe light, but mom saw another yellow Lab with the vest and thought I would be feeling left out if I did not have one.

She's having trouble finding that orange or lime mesh fabric in anything less than 1 freighter from China's worth, so I guess she will be buying one for me pretty soon. Ki too -- in 3 more weeks he can come with us on our walkies.

Rich said...

I think it's cool... And it would keep you safe... Very "Dog at Work"... :-)