Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ki's training for 8/11

Tonight we went to the dog park/softball field for some heeling and focus work. We made it all the way up to the gate!! We haven't gone there in a while, opting instead to work around the perimeter of an agility class or match or trial. Nothing going tonight, so we went back to our old haunts.

I have been transitioning from the Gentle Leader to a pinch, working up to a martingale eventually for agility/obedience. He was able to focus really well, despite a few dogs racing around, and a Border Collie who wanted to meet him and waited by the fence. (There is a chain link fence around the park, and we were working outside it.) Several folks complimented us on our work.

Ki was NOT able to hold a stay for very long near the dog park. I know I have been pretty remiss in working the stay -- focus and play games just seemed so much more critical. He also was unwilling to down anywhere near the dog park -- not sure what was going on there, as when he wanted to meet a dog inside the park, he would make eye contact and then lie down and look down to get the dog to come over. He is remarkably good with other dogs and kids of all sizes and shapes. I am very very proud of my little Ki-Ki.

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