Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Karate Kid

When mom's at work, Jewel and I play a lot. Mostly we do WWF-type moves, but today we worked on our karate chops a little. When mom came home, this is what she found!

Look at what my karate chop did! 


Wynn Bexton said...

Dear Splash, you are one clever doggie! I wonder, do you ever do tricks on Mom when she's out, (besides practicing Karate chops). I know a lab/samoyed doggie (her name was Chinook)and she used to love going into Mom's bedroom and bringing everything out, to pile neatly in the living room floor. Shoes, wigs, etc and especially dirty underwear. I'll tell you, it used to get her lots of attention!

Splash said...

Oh yes, I have. Check out my "Destruction Log" on the right hand side.....I'm one expensive little guy!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

OMG, that's cool. Did your human train you to do Karate? (wax on, wax off . . .)



Heidi said...

Hi Splash! I like da Kung Fu myself but wow you guys really know your karate.

You asked about tags. It started when Bloggers began "Friday night Cat Blogging". Every Friday night dey post a pic and tag it so ve can find all da other cool cats out dere. Den some dog owners decided dat dey vanted to "Friday Night Dog Bloggin". Da tag is so ve can find each other easily.

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chow heidi