Sunday, August 14, 2005

Special Sunday

Tonight the kids from down the street stopped by to see us. They knock on the door, and ask to see each of us. They are two little boys, and they have skateboards. Tonight mom showed them my skateboard, which I've had since I was just a pup, and had me show them how well I can ride.

Mom also played the toenail game with us. That's really fun....all I have to do is hold still while she clips one toenail and then I get a cookie! Geez, humans are so gullible.

We also worked on heeling drills, did some more teeter work, and mom had me do the weave poles for a little while.

Jewel worked on walking up and down the street, and if she looked at mom she got a click and a treat.

Mom's reading a book right now called "How Dogs Learn". Why doesn't she just ask?


Cal the Wonderdog said...

oh no, the bet is for today - if only the date was the 17th! we'll hit 90 degrees for sure. But last night a cool front came through.

Now what is it that you may win today? A BRAND NEW CAR!!!

Just kidding, I think it was a bag of your favorite treats or something -
I'll look back at the entry to see. What's a dog to do with a car anyway? Well, sell it for food maybe :)

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Yum Yum Yum, what kind of cookie do you get? We love to snack on fish treats. Meow, from Blackie, Tanner and Miss S! =^..^=

Freda said...

My Dad tried cutting my nails. ONCE. Since I have black nails my quick is pretty hard to see. So now the vet or Tammie, my groomer, does it. If I get an owie I blame them, not Dad. That is the reasoning behind having someone else do it. Well, I know Dad doesn't mean to hurt me.

I don't get any treats when my nails are clipped. Somethin's wrong here. If Dad were there I'd get treats for sure.

Hang eight, Splash.



Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hi again Splash, Cal here to report that in Frostbite Falls the high yesterday reached only 78 degrees F. However, I was able to make the thermometer go up to 102.3 when I stuck it in my sidekick's microwave coffee, but he says that doesn't count.

How hot was it it your neck of the woods, I'm guessing 10 degrees hotter. Too bad for me that cool front came through!

Let me know!


The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Splash, come see the pic of our crazy cat friend Belle...she is a little cat with a big roar... Blackie & Tanner =^..^=