Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I am playing with Jewel. She's the one with the pink collar. I don't wear pink. 

Jewel's pretending to get me. 

Get her! 

I'm gonna get you! 

How fast can I zoom without getting off the bed? 

Jewel has an unusual method of getting off the bed 


IndyPindy said...

Those are adorable pictures! I love playing with other dogs. At day camp my favorite friends to play with are Sebastian, a white Husky who is the same age as me, Hunter, a 1 year old Burmese Mountain Dog who has a LOT of energy, and Tucker, a 1 year old Bull Mastiff who aslo has a LOT of energy. Then I sleep a lot when I get home and the next day.

I found that sticker on www.cafepress.com, they also have one that says "My Labrador Retriever is smarter than your Honor student!"

JuliaR said...

Great photos. I love the last one of the leg disappearing off the bed. You must have been at the right spot at the right time for that one!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Awesome pictures. Say do either of you try to jump on the back of each other. I don't know why I'm doing that all of the sudden to certain dogs.

Well maybe I do, but really!


M-Fax said...

nice page, I will add it to my tour..........

cute dogs too

Sam I Am said...

Nice to see that you are having a blast playing.Nice pictures.

Freda said...

Hey Splash,

That's soo cooool that you can play on your human's bed. My humans' bed is a very high platform bed. It's pretty hard for me to get up there. But I have been up there several times. I got so excited that I was racin' around the house, ran into the bedroom and all of a sudden I was up on the bed. Dog, was I surprised! So were my humans. Arf! Arf! What fun!