Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm back

I had a little talk with the higher-ups around here, and we have concluded that while mom can have her own blog, I get to keep mine too. I'll post some photos of ME tonight, but for now, here's some video of my team (that's me and mom) doing first Jumpers class, then Tunnelers class at a NADAC trial a few weeks ago.

Tunnelers is my favorite, all tunnels all the time. That's the way, baby!


Freda said...

Hi Splash,

Long time no barks. Cooools video. That looks like sooo much funs, but I don't think I would do very well. I'm not that fast, I'd be more interested in the other dogs and my favorite sport is nappin'.

Can you runs faster and wear your mom out? Hee hee!


P.S. Blogger is forcin' me to use their beta and won't let me post. I have tried several times, so please excuse any duplicates.

Opy said...

Yipee - Splash is back :-) You definately need your own blog - we missed you :-)


Erin & Rei said...

Good kob on the agility!! my mom thinks i would be good for that but alas and alack the guide dog foundation for the blind won't let us do neat things like that...:-(

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Splash,

You have been Christmas "tagged" - check out my blog to find out how to play :-)


"Sunshine" said...

Hurray, you're back, I was beginning to worry that something had happpened to you! Hope you can join us for a game of tag.

So - Tag you're it!!

Check out my blog for the rules.

"For the Love of Labradors"

"Shelby & Nutmeg"

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Merry Christmas Splash, to you and your family - I hope 2007 is full of lots of bones and treats :-)


Heidi said...

Merry Christmas Splash!

Charlie said...

Merry Christmas, Splash!
- Charlie