Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

 Anyone who knows me knows I am just not the sort of guy who likes his photo taken. All that fussing. The flashing. The "sit, stay, Splash". It's just too much. I would much rather be out hunting the evil squirrel. Fortunately, this year Adhuil busted the ridiculous hat I usually have to wear, so here I am, my Christmas photo, in just dog clothes.

Here's a nice profile shot. I think I am ready for Hollywood!

At the bottom is Adhuil, just before she broke the hat.

1 comment:

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Merry Christmas Splash!

I hope you retrieve lots of chewy toys, treats and hugs, and have heaps of fun!

Luv your ol pal Chucksie Bux