Friday, April 08, 2005

The Game

Jewel is getting pretty big now. At last weigh-in, she was 36 lbs. That's about 1/2 my size. She is a worthy opponent now at the "Comparing dental size" game. I just love that game. We play for hours on end.

Usually Jewel is on the top, since she's smaller. You can tell which one I am. Jewel is very dark yellow, I'm a little lighter in color (and I'm BIG), but I have a dark yellow racing stripe down the middle of my back!

The "Comparing bite size game", pt 1 

Pt 2 

Pt 3 '


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Man does that look like fun!!! If I was there I would show you a game where you jump up and wave your paws but you don't touch each other until you hit the ground and then you open your jaws and try to get the other dog's snout inside your mouth.


Charlie said...

What a fun game! I've tried to get Harley to play it with me, but he just lies there. Mom's no good at it, either - she just won't sink her teeth into the role... And cats are useless. Having a little sister is the best!
- Charlie