Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happiness is....

I was reading an old Charles Schulz book last night (okay really I was chewing on it but work with me here). "Happiness is a Warm Puppy".

That made me think about what makes me really happy. So I started a list:

  • the smell of a freshly opened bag of dog food
  • that last turn when we are in the car and suddenly I know we are going to agility
  • tortilla chips that land on the floor
  • any other food that lands on the floor
  • the smell and sound when a new can of tennis balls is opened
  • walks in the park
  • quiet evenings at home with everyone grouped within 3 sq. ft. of each other even though the house is plenty big and we could spread out a little more
  • watching Animal Planet, but not the 2 reptile guys, just Animal Cops and Funniest Animal Videos. Oh and I like Lassie on Nick.
  • frozen greenies
  • frozen bananas
  • following mom absolutely everywhere around the house just in case she gets lost although she claims she will be just fine
  • visiting the Vet to get more cookies, I do love those people


Kiwi's Mom said...

Aww! This is so sweet and funny! I may have to do a Kiwi List.

Freda said...

The four bestest things I like are walkies, Tule's visits, playing in the sprinkler and tummy rubs. Walkies because I get to read all the day's pee mail and if it is windy my ears flap a lot. That feels good. When Tule is here we just hang and I get more tummy rubs because there are more hands available. Biting that water makes me really cool when it is hot. And, as I said, tummy rubs. Once my buddy gets going my eyes roll down and I am lost in a deep fog. Ha, another 'fog dog' moment!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

great list! I like walking, running, current events (sniffing), eating, getting brushed and kids petting me and playing tug of war with my stuffed goose toy.

I'm am going to request frozen greenies, thanks for the idea.

Haley the Fabulous Ball-loving Black Lab said...

I love the tennis ball container opening is quite an awe-inspiring thing....and the hanging with the pack in close proximity is the best! Nice list Splash!