Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ki's Lessons

Monday nights we get to go to a place with a big fenced field and we all get to play ball until we are worn out. I played with my fav mini soccer ball. I just love it when mom kicks it. The thing is, Ki kept getting in the way of the kick, so mom ended up throwing it mostly. That's okay with me, as long as I get to run and get it.

Ki spent a little time running halfway after me, then flattening out on the grass. He looked pretty weird. I would never do that when there is something to be fetched! Then, when I was almost past him, he would run up to me and almost but not quite bite me. A little freaky, but since Ki is about as big as a bug I do not care. Anyway, I am the boss of Ki.

Jewel mostly just wanted to play on the grass.

Mom spent a bit of time trying to get Ki interested in my floppy frisbee. He already is a bit frisbee obsessed, and mom is trying to send him over the edge, I guess. He did some short runs after the frisbee, but mom quit the game pretty fast. She told me that will make him more obsessed for next time. Whatever. She told me she needs a second identical frisbee because Ki is not as polite about giving the frisbee back as I am. He doesn't really give any toy back, actually. He likes to collect them all into a pile and lay on top of them.

All this activity was apparently not enough for Ki, because he yipped and fussed in his crate until 4 am.

This morning Ki worked on touching the plate with both front paws. Right now, it is mostly just one paw. Mom noticed it is usually his left paw. He also worked on touching the Alley-Oop target with his nose only on the ball part. He is very good at that. Then mom got out the treat dispenser and tried to get Ki to touch the lever with his paw. This is going to be a little harder for Ki, but since he is already pretty much doing everything else nicely she thought well why not.

Tonight mom is going to get out one hurdle and try to get Ki to go between the poles. Why not. Ki is already 10 weeks old, nearly over the hill.

She also got her video on agility foundation training, which she plans to start watching tonight. Maybe she will get some more ideas to keep little Ki busy. And tired!


Eduardo said...

Sounds like y'all had fun!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Mason Dixie said...

I do not do the Frisbee thing, my Aunt Mabel however is the Queen of Frisbee catching. Have a great day.

Splash said...

Monday nights are a favorite around here. Thanks for your comments!

Andrea said...

Is that a border collie puppy you've added to your family? If so congrats...great dogs! (I am biased, of course.) Agility is such a fantastic sport to do with them. Looking forward to hearing about your progress! :) Splash is an absolute darling, too.