Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The New Plan

As a rule, I am a Very Nice Dog. Consequently, I do not believe I have ever mentioned how diabolically clever my mom is. When I was a puppy, she was always one step ahead of me. Of course, I was her fifth Yellow Lab, so she pretty much had Lab antics scoped out.

Ki is another matter. Usually Mom lines the laundry room with x-pens for us puppies to stay in when we are little. This is so we do not get squished up by Big Dogs. (like ME) Anyway, Ki figured out almost immediately that he could scale the x-pens like a ladder and achieve freedom. Fortunately, I did not squish him, although it was tempting.

So today, mom developed a New Plan. Oh, yeah, this is good. Here is the plan: do not try to contain the puppy. Yeah, that's a great plan. All she did was use the x-pen to prevent little Ki from going behind the washer and getting stuck, and she has a nice unscalable gate over the door to prevent Ki from getting out and getting squished like a bitty bug by me.

The puppy-proof gate?
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Here's a photo of the gate she borrowed from my agility instructor for the doorway.

Ki's view
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This is the Ki-angle view of the x-pen and supposedly unscale-able gate. ;)

Now that you are all done reading the funnies, here are some photos of me teaching Ki to play my most FAV game in the whole world. It's called "Everybody Get Splash". This game is where pretty much everyone in the house, including mom, get me. Mom usually rubs my tummy, Jewel usually grabs my neck and pulls and growls, and Ki is a Splash-getter Padawan learner.

"Everybody get Splash" game, action shot
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"Everybody get Splash" game
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Erin,Bubs,Tex and PN4 said...

Hi Splash!
That's pretty funny! I hope Ki can't get over this one! But you never know with those sneaky puppies! Trust me, I've been through at least three, and have seen some UN-Believable stunts!