Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ki's very first class!

Mom forgot to take photos of this big event, but I will report what happened anyway. Today Ki went to puppy kindergarten class at the Right Steps. There were three other puppies there! Two were Labradoodles, Pombo and Charlie, which are sort of like me on a very bad hair day. Ki spent most of his time trying to cut one of them out of the herd and keep it separated. For some reason, mom was pretty pleased with that. I would have gathered up all the toys that were laying around and brought them to mom. I will have to speak to Ki about proper Retriever behavior. There was also a little Shih Tzu, which although four weeks older than Ki was considerably smaller. This little guy was named "Rambo", but he wasn't exactly an outgoing guy. Maybe he was having flashbacks like in the movie. Anyway, Ki had an awesome time. He wasn't afraid of anything or anybody, and the big noise in the parking lot didn't bother him either.

He's out cold now in his crate. He was sooo tired that he only ate part of his lunch. Can I have the leftovers, mom?

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