Monday, January 24, 2005


Well last night it got a little ugly.

We were at our obedience lesson. I've almost got that thing about watching mom all the time. Still if there's something more interesting to see, a guy's gotta look, right?

Well, last night mom learned from our teacher that she shouldn't ask me to watch. It's my job to watch if I'm in heel or sitting in front of her. Whatever happened to free will?

Also, I have to learn to sit straight. I like to slouch over on one hip, it's a lot more comfy. And that way, if I'm on a long sit-stay, I can just lay down.....

Our homework is to practice sitting up on my toes, near a curb or wall. Heeling one or two steps, always to the left (the easy side), with utter devotion and attention and no thoughts of anything else. And last, targeting to a toy holding food. That's gonna be my favorite.

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Cal the Wonderdog said...

Yeah Splash, that sitting up straight thing is something I do only once in a while. There are so many things to remember, I'm still trying my best not to look elsewhere when heeling, but so far I can't do it - its so hard.

Oh and now that I know you're in the "furnace" part of the state, this should be very interesting. My human was born in Marysville and remembers his youthful summers there were quite warm indeed.

I still have hope - Minnesota can be wicked hot one day and freezing the next in Summer, so I still have a snowball's chance in, well, the furnace part of your state :)

It will be fun as the date approaches - this summer is supposed to be a hot one here!