Monday, January 10, 2005

A perfect day...

Well, I have had a day.

It all started early this morning. Mom got ready for work, but she made mistake and let Mike and I get the car! Wooohooo! We drove a long ways. When we got out of the car I got an obedience lesson! Mom decided to get a trainer for us because she thinks I'm smart enough to get a CD. Of course I am! I got a CD out just the other day and chewed it up.

The lesson was great, and since I'm so smart I got lots of treats.

Mom learned not to give me treats unless I'm looking at her. I'm fine with that. It's called stationary attention. I'm also not supposed to jump or bounce up in the air or wave or anything like that. That'll be harder, but I'll figure it out.

We are also supposed to work a lot on sitting in front, up close, and looking right at my mom. I think we can do that on rainy days.

The weather here in California has been pretty cold and rainy, at least by our standards. So mom took Mike and I to work with her! That is so cool. We sit in the car in our crates. Those crates are pretty nice and we like it there, and since it's cold outside we like it very much. At lunch, we get to go to the park near mom's work and practice our homework.

It just doesn't get better than this.

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Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog! said...

Splash -- seems like you are good student! I'm 11 so my Mom isn't trying to teach me any more tricks. I can already catch a carrot or an ice cube in the middle of the air. What more does a dog need to be able to do?