Sunday, January 30, 2005

Taking it easy

We haven't done too much this weekend, just a couple of walks. I met a nice person on one walk, but I was not allowed to jump up on him. That's too bad, I think we might have been friends. I have a little extra energy, so I'm using it up by teasing Mikey.

Teasing an old dog is good clean fun. 


Cal the Wonderdog said...

The CD with the duck calls on it you mention in your profile, do the ducks sing songs like that 60's group the Swingle Singers? Like quacking versions of Beatles songs or something.

Just wondering cause that would be so cool.

The jumping thing does establish a relationship right away, doesn't it?


Heidi said...

Mikey seems to be very patient. Sometimes da older da dog da more patient and loving dey are.

Chow, Heidi

Splash said...

Hi there Cal,

Mom has this CD with some guy in camo doing imitation duck calls. She puts it on (I think) to tease me, but I'm not fooled anymore. Although the CD with the thunderstorm still scares me a bit.