Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Agility is BACK on Mondays!

Yay Yay Yay!

Last night we had an agility lesson. I'm so glad. We had a long break and I was starting to think it might be permanent. We did a mini course, with lots of hard stuff. I'm very smart though.

I got a little worried at one point and started not staying. So mom and I just played for a moment and then I felt better.

Here's what we did:

PS: Here's our instructor's website, she has some good advice on how to get started doing agility. Trust me, you and your humans will like it very much.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Wow what timing. I want to start doing that. I keep telling my humans too. I'll be sure to show them your link.



Heidi said...

Splash you're in my latest adventure!

Freda said...

Hi Splash,
It's Freda here. My first visit. I have thought about doing the agility thing but my endurance has faded away. Anyway, I think I would knock myself out weaving through all those poles. And my human can't run that much due to his bad back, but we will certainly be watching the Agility Championships on Sunday. You too? Will you be doing any local contests soon?
P.S. I don't see a jackrabbit station in your course. Maybe that will be later in your training.

Good luck,

Freda said...

Hi Splash,
Wow! Guess you rub shoulders with royalty. How is Knotty taking his wins? I know he has done well in the past, but two big ones in a row. He looks like he takes it in stride though. I will be looking for Ted in the Agility Championships. Yup, lots of work and you will be there. I wish you luck and will be watching for you in the future.

I was just joshing about the jackrabbit station. We have lots of jackrabbits here. I go out in the backyard every morning and check if we had a visit from the jacks overnight. My friend, Tule, gets really excited when she sees one, but I've told her we are only to watch them. Me, I just sit and watch. That's how I got the idea for a jackrabbit station. It would go like this. Somewhere along the course, after completing one of the regulation stations, a mechanical jackrabbit is presented off to the side. This distraction would really test our concentration. Do I go on to the next station or do I check out the "rabbit"? It could be a hard decision. Guess that is one reason why we don't design the agility courses.

I bet you have a lot of fun on the course. I will run the course vicariously through your blog. Don't wear me out.