Monday, February 21, 2005

Rude dogs and their people

Tonight we went to the park just before dusk. It's nice there then. Usually it is pretty empty and we can practice our heeling in peace and quiet.

Last night though, there was a lady there with three dogs. All of them were off-leash. This is not a dog park. Dogs have to be on leash at all times. I'm on leash.

The lady told mom, as her dogs were running up to our car that her dogs were "friendly". I don't think "friendly" means what the lady thought it meant, because the dogs started barking and growling at mom. Mom shut the car door so we were safe, but she was outside still.

The lady never said anything, not "I'm sorry", or, even better "I'm sorry I'm a stupid idiot and my dogs are aggressive after all and I should never have been allowed to have them if the world was just", or something to that effect.

She also didn't clean up after her dogs, we saw the whole thing.

Oh, and here's another photo of the doglet:


Pimm said...

Isn't it irritating when people don't follow the rules! I hate to be on the leash, but I like to do what we're supposed to do when we're supposed to do it. Rules are very important. If it didn't establish rules for my people, they would probably fix my dinner at 5:05 rather than precisely 5:00 pm.

Freda said...

Yah Splash,

In our community there are few areas of grass where we can walk and those areas are rather small. At times we need to take turns if we don't get along. Those humans that are responsible, understand us and know our needs, allow us to do our duty before continuing on by. Others just keep on coming with their heads ... When that happens my human sets them straight. We make detours all the time. Too bad those irresponsible humans aren't on leashes themselves. My human would like to send them to the pound.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Some dog's humans. I don't mind being on a leash. I know I can't resist going to see another dog no matter what human I run over to see them. But even in doing that I'm not aggressive in the way I could ever hurt any other dog (unless I had to defend myself; and then I can be very strong.)

I'm glad your mom shut the car door too, most dogs you meet are nice, but some are real dangerous. I met another one of thse last month - yikes! If humans don't control those animals, they both should be kept away from other people and animals until they learn better.