Friday, February 04, 2005

Dog Cars

We haven't trained a lot the last day or so, just a couple of walks where I had to watch my mom the whole time. And a little freestyle dancing last night until I got too wild and had to have a time-out.

In the meantime:

Do you have a dog car? Take a look at these license plates. These folks have really gone to the dogs....Doggie Vanity Plates


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Freestyle dancing is so cool, so modern. There are so many moves to make so little time before your humans make you stop. what happens on your time outs - do you have to go outside and sit with a bone like me?

Splash said...

That would be nice to go outside. I just have to go in my crate for a few minutes. Sometimes it's so exciting, I just have to jump up or zoom around the house. Mom's worried about the glass door I guess.

Heidi said...

I love dancing!!!!! Splash I bet you could go to da disco vith me sometime. Cal too!

Chow Heidi