Thursday, February 17, 2005

Zowie! we got the zoomies

We got the zoomies.

Last night Jewel got fatally happy and she started zooming around the room, with her ears back, eyes bugged out, and bottom tucked under. This happens to me all the time. When I saw this, I joined in, and then we had to take a time out because mom was worried about the big glass door.

Later we worked on straight fronts. I do not like to sit straight, nor do I like to get as close as mom wants. We also played the "sit or down" game, and did some go arounds on both sides.

Jewel says she worked on sit for attention, down for a treat, go to the target plate where there are treats, and touch the hand that is also holding a treat.

Mike got to be brushed.

The game 

The game 


Smurphy said...

Dear Splashy, Loved your blog! You are so cool to have one! I wish I did! You are being a good big brother to help your Mom with the new kid. You have alot to teach her. Jewel will be your best friend. Mike is great, but he just can't play as long as Jewel will. Can't wait to see you guys! Bye, I am late again I just kept reading your past stories. Love you! S.

Freda said...

Hey Splash,
Jewel is getting cuter every day! I bet she keeps you busy. I think Jewel would wear me out very quickly. I toss my toys around for several minutes and that's it. Time for bed or a good chew on the old rawhide. I get tired just looking at your pictures. I know you and Mike will take good care of her. Who gets to brush her teeth when she is ready?