Friday, February 25, 2005

Damage control

There was toilet paper available to chew up today. But for some reason, it tasted like cayenne pepper. I prefer the plain kind.

So instead, I got down the box off my mom's dresser. It has lots of nice things in it. I chewed up some clickers, a pen, a tube of lipstick, and some car keys with the electronic thingie on them. I like the car very much and I like the car keys too. I don't know why I destroyed them. I guess I just miss mom when she's at work.

Now she's talking about x-pens again.

The evidence 


Freda said...

Groovy Splash,

Flavored TP. What will they think of next. I hope your humans didn't use any of the pepper paper. I think that beef or chicken flavored TP would be a big seller.

What shade of lipstick did you find? I'm not into the goth colors. They frighten me. That 'Dawn of the Dead' look. I know they used to have flavored lipstick, but I don't think it was beef or chicken.

When I first was brought to my humans' home I still had some of my street habits. When my parents were gone I would check out the counter tops. If there was any kind of plastic bag I would take it to my bed. Once it was a loaf of bread and then a small bag of flour. I didn't eat anything. I think I was reverting back to my street smarts. Looking for anything to eat in trash bags, etc. "This is mine so leave it alone!" Well, once the humans figured out my strategy that was the end of that caper.

Now I help Mom unpack her purse and carryon bag when she gets home from a trip. Its great fun to see what a lady has in her purse. Amazing what they can carry in there. Oops, Mom caught me typing.

Great picture. Learning from CSI? Just make sure you don't get into any of the bad stuff out there. Remember what curiosity does to the feline population, but a curious mind is a happy mind.


Heidi said...

Pepper toilet paper.........yikes don't tell my humans about dat. I love da toilet paper.

Vhat a fun game you had. Next time bury da evidence so dey vill never know. ;)

chow, Heidi