Friday, May 06, 2005

Dogs can too dance

Today my best friend produced a video of me doing my dance routine to my theme song. It's in Windows Media (this time) so if you don't have that, you are outta luck.

Here you go!


Suzanne said...

Splash, you really know how to cut a rug. Liked the video a lot!

Heidi said...

Splash you are a rockin' and a rollin'. Can you do da svim? You're famous!!!!!

L^2 said...

Wow Splash, you are very talented!!! Willow & Stella want to learn to dance like you now. Great video!

Pimm said...

You are very graceful. Now for the important thing. What's your mom feeding you here??!!!

Splash said...

Thanks everyone, I really enjoy dancing. I get lots of yummy food when I dance, so hey whatever, it's FOOD!

Pimm, that day I believe I was working for carrots and broccoli.

Heidi, I can do the swim, but only in the lake and really only when there is something to be retrieved. Something deep inside me makes me do that. Haven't got the hang of that on land, but maybe I can work on it this summer!