Saturday, May 14, 2005

Summer's here!

Yeah whatever....can we go outside and play now?

It was 90 degrees today and we went outside for a while and worked in the garden. Mostly, I am supposed to help by not eating the plants.

Our back yard

This is the Peace rose, another plant that I am not allowed to eat.

Here I am chasing Jewel around the back yard, this is a very fun game!

Jewel tends to monopolize the pool.

The water is almost the same color as Jewel is!


Joan said...

Poor Splash! Jewel didn't leave any room for you in the pool (just like our Ridge and our Elsie).

It's been too cold here in PA for pools this week, but we'll get them out again soon!

Stay cool!

Heidi said...

Splash you are such a gentleman to let Jewel have da pool! I tink you guys each need a pool!