Monday, May 02, 2005


Mom was watching this video she bought on impulse at a dog show. It's called "Dancing with your Dog". She thought it was pretty good.

She talked to our obedience instructor about one part where the lady uses sticks to help her dog learn where his rear-y is. That dog was pretty long, and I am too. I know that when you have such a long train it is hard to keep track of the caboose.

So now we have new homework -- I have to learn to move away from the stick. I have to learn that it is NOT a touch stick. (That may be tricky). Then mom will use the stick to help me think about that caboose when I am coming in to front.

Right now when I come to front I am usually a little crooked. I just don't get it, so maybe this will help.

Hey whatever --- oops gotta go the lawn sprinkler just came on WOOOHOOO gotta get WET


Cal the Wonderdog said...

In training I really could care less about those sticks, my job is to herd the dogs toward the sticks and make sure they stay in a group. No matter what my humans try to convince me to do, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Freda said...

Dog, with all this talk of tracks, trains and cabooses I thought I had been redirected to some Casey Jones web site. Just arfing!

Good luck with your homework. I try to stay away from anything that may involve studying.


P.S. Blogger pooped out on me just before I tried to send this last night. I've got to blog earlier in the day!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

wow, your ancestors were a mini Newfie, way cool. that might explain about the rear-end unawareness. We have a giant blac newfie that walks by every day and bumps his rear end into his human lots of times. Very very smart, but not butt aware. :)