Monday, April 22, 2013

And around we go

A little update on how we are doing at the beginning of week three of the Great New Puppy Extravaganza:
At the Beardie Trial!

  • Get in yer crate -- Ping is driving to the crate now, and I'm being rigid about manners when she comes out of the crate. She is the type to push the limits when she's older, so we are establishing this NOW.  At the Beardie Club trial this past weekend, I crated the dogs in the car. They are usually happier with this. No chance of being left behind I guess! This was Ping's first experience at hanging around during a trial. She wasn't sure the crate rules applied to a car crate that isn't at home or at TAG. She learned it did after a brief squirmy puppy struggle. She still is not fond of having her collar held, which leads me to...
  • Collar grab game -- not at all her favorite. She tends to spin around, but I am keeping the "hold" short for now then I get her on the ground and rub her all over (the "I'm gonna get you!" game). She loves that so huge reward.  Get in yer crate has been named and I'm using it in real life at this time.
  • Plate touch -- she totally has this. I need to name it starting tonight. I've been mixing it up a bit with smaller objects or stuff with texture. I need to transition this to a paper plate and plastic lid, so I can start teaching her to close cabinets and other tricksies.
  • Stand on stuff -- as an extension of the plate touch, I added in one of those cushion deal-eos. I need to get out the Fit Paws things. That will be tough for baby dog and a good game to play at night.
  • Puppy in a Box -- I started out with a box slightly longer than she is and that was no big deal for smarty pants. Last night I cut it down by about 5 inches. She had to think about where her hind feet were, she even turned around to look at them!  Funny puppy. At one point, she managed to stand on the edge of the box. A little unsteady but a girl will do anything for steak, right?
  • Around a cone -- A couple of nights ago I got out the construction cone and starting shaping her to go around it. We didn't work on that again until last night, but here's the results. Pretty good for a little one.
I think she is bigger, don't you?

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